Flanger “Spinner”
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June 17th 2016

A1 Spinner 6:43
A2 It From Bit 4:58
B1 Loose Joints 11:56

“Spinner” masterfully extracts all the tension of the data-driven five-beat bedrock with what sounds like an organ and some simple chime hits on the outro. “It From Bit” features lots of percussion noises and a quicker tempo with a stretched-out synth hovering distantly in the mix and 11-minute bass-bender “Loose Joints” sounds how the end of a solid hot yoga session looks. Imagine if Air delved deep into bygone microhouse catalogs of yore and you’re already cruising. Hit the exit. (DUSTED)

With this 3-track Vinyl only EP Flanger continues to explore a techno-infused notion of nuclear Jazz. The Spinner-EP contains arguably destructive synths on “Spinner”, an insane 5-beat derived from the FLANGER´s 2015 “Lollopy Dripper” (non41) album, called “Spin”. Both the 12 minutes lavish groove-intricacy “Loose Joints” and the one, straight tittle titled “It From Bit” are Atom™& Burnt Friedman 2016 originals, adding to the most compelling and witty electronic collaborative utterings to date.

Flanger 2016 live dates

March 3rd MUTEK Barcelona, Spain
May 13th Arena Club, Berlin, Germany
May 14th Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark
June 5th MUTEK, Montreal, Canada
July 1st TERRAFORMA Milan, Italy
August 28th Les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre, Nantes, France
October 15th Concrete, Paris, France

Flanger 2017 live dates

May 28th, Perm, Berlin, Germany
August 5th, Vent, Tokyo, Japan
September 28th, Sonica, Ljubjliana, Slovenia