Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi YEK
Format: Vinyl 12″/download from Bandcamp
release date: November 3rd 2017

A1 YEK 128-12
A2 YEK 64-11
B1 YEK 132-11
B2 YEK 122-12


What Mortazavi and Friedman have in common is their shared expertise in uneven, cyclical rhythms – the foundation of their trance-like art music, which is both subtle and ecstatic.

Through repetition and improvisation in the studio they create “numbers” – groove-based pieces played on a variety of drums (Mortazavi mainly plays the Tombak) mixed with electronics. Natural, i.e. given, motion patterns provide the musical backbone. This results in a precisely timed harmony between the electronic sounds and live grooves.

Thanks to the extreme acoustic range of the Tombak and his extravagant technique, Mortazavi merges perfectly with Burnt Friedman’s signature sound and repertoire, which seems to belong to no specific place or time.

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