Burnt Friedman
“Anthology 1980-2017”
format: CD/digital
Album download from Bandcamp
release date: December 8th 2017

“… it spirals through and over with elusiveness and spirit, like a soul slipping out of its shell,…” (Inverted Audio)
“… a record where rhythm reigns supreme, where even the faintest and smallest element finds its foothold in a vast and overarching constellation, where no sound is not connected to each and every other sound. It’s a record not so much about timekeeping as it is infinity.” (Pitchfork)
“… almost supernaturally crafted dexterity.” (Freq)
“… gives a relatively concise take on Burnt Friedman’s expansive repertoire of shape-shifting electronica.” (Vinyl Factory)
“… but really the defining quality of this music is how free – as in unshackled from dancefloor imperatives – it feels.” (Low Company)

This compilation spanning a period of 37 years features Burnt Friedman’s releases and edits thereof from vinyl-only labels: Latency, Marionette, amongst others, plus 4 hitherto unreleased tracks, making them available on digital formats. Friedman’s music from 1980 to 2017 covers a broad spectrum of played and programmed rhythmic styles that traverse not only club music from techno, electro and dub, but, above all, trace Friedman’s own artistic development. A trajectory that owes a lot to his long-standing collaboration with Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit, who died at the age of 79 in 2017. Like Liebezeit, Friedman already explored even and uneven rhythms back in the late 1980s.

This selection of 17 tracks documents this pursuit while bringing rough or discarded tracks to light, which did not fit onto any album or were intended for the Nonplace label. The compilation runs the entire gamut of his work on percussion, keyboard, samplers and toys of all kinds using various production methods (tape, Atari, Midi, sampler, hard disk recording, digital audio tape). Studio work (instant-composition, programming and recording) underwent major technological changes and revolutions in the 1980s and 1990s, but Friedman’s distinctive signature style prevails throughout. Surprisingly danceable tracks, interrupted by alien atmospheric periods, defy any genre. “Words can’t really do this one justice, completely unique and unlike anything else out there right now.” (Bleep)


all tracks produced and mixed by Burnt Friedman
recorded in Lohfelden, Kassel, Cologne, Berlin 1980 – 2017
Hayden Chisholm, reeds on Monkhide (02) and Wentletrap (12)
Takeshi Nishimoto, sarod on The Pestle (03)
Joseph Suchy, electric guitar on Grace (11)
Roy Steinbrecher, Casio Keyboard on Sayonara (17)
mastering by Rashad Becker, Dubplates & Mastering except tracks 7/14/15/17
published by Freibank, cover artwork by Theo Altenberg (O.T., oil on cardboard)