released on EP Vinyl, May 2005/ “Out In The Sticks” and “182/9″ are exclusive versions of Secret Rhythms 2 (non19) album tracks, featuring guitarist Tim Motzer, Hayden Chisholm, saxophone, Daniel Schroeter, bass and Morten Grønvad, vibraphone.


A1 Out In The Sticks (11:00)
B1 The Librarian, feat. David Sylvian (8:40)
B2 182/9 (3:45)

” (…) we’ve got the words and voice of David Sylvian, whose poetic talents never cease to amaze me. The song seems to speak to these weird, through-the-looking-glass days we’re living now, where alarming news is coupled with fervent admonitions to go on as if all is well, and we all seem to be drifting through a vast amniotic sea of misinformation and opinion-masquerading-as-fact. As Sylvian says: It’s one outrageous lie after another. Turn the lights out, change the channel, before we lose hope. And, when all else seems to be on the verge of failure, get yourself to The Library.” (review by Moebius Rex)