released on CD and 2×12″, 2004
Vinyl sold out


01. Shank- Oust
02. Swaai- Cosmopartisan
03. Lycheelassi- Shades Of Mosley, remixed by Friedman
04. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit- 5 live, feat. Joseph Suchy, guitar
05. B. F. & The Nu Dub Players- Worth A Dub
06. Replicant Rumba Rockers- Space Bossa, feat. Swaai, guitars
07. Beige- Explosions= AE in b.e.i.g.e. (nothing has changed)
08. B.F.&The Nu Dub Players- Designer Groove, Version
09. Replicant Rumba Rockers- La Vida Es Llena De Cables
10. Beige- Schmonked Starlet (uh baby ! … ah! ah! ah!)
11. Burnt Friedman- Busy
12. Shank- Ocker Space
13. B.F. & The Nu Dub Players- Paternoster, Version
14. Swaai- Dwell

All non- associated artists team up for this concept record, it’s not only a wild mixture of various exotic quality grooves, but a stunning assembly of tunes from extremely different sources. The musicians have a feel for time as distinctive as their own heartbeat. You hear compassion and anger, vulnerability and strength, but deepest of all, perhaps, a sadness that would be almost unendurable if it were not examined and transformed, somehow, into beauty. (Nonplace Press Info)