released on CD and 2×12″, 2003


01. Fuck Back feat. Theo Altenberg
02. Fly Yor Kite feat. Abi
03. Paternoster feat. Abi
04. Dublab Alert feat Abi
05. Life Is Worth dying For feat. Patrice
06. Get Things Strait feat. Patrice
07. Real Abstraction feat. Abi
08. Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth feat. His Name Is Alive
09. Designer Groove
10. Get Things Strait Dub
11. Five Star Group Travel
12. Consider A Bigger Wallet ( cd only )

“These twenty collaborators, which with typical Nonplace idiosyncrasy includes musicians culled from four continents, assist Friedman in the realisation of a luscious vision which extends upon the bonhomous fusion of his Fuck Back ep with 12 further soulful beat jams.” (Breakin Point 2003)