released on CD only, 2001/ “Oliver (Beige) Braun’s quartet of mentalist funk-outs provide a fabulous aural assault course of crunching rhythmic U-turns, surrealist humming and jack-knife Spazztronica.” (NME 2001)


01. women and children first (als wäre das die Lösung)
02. doesnt hurt (even if you try)
03. whar hat (ai-ai-ai-ai’m so serious)
04. i’ve got my $ to keep me warm (?)
05. where else – if not there?! (unter Tüten bin ich sicher)
06. dreams (bad stuff – of course)
07. gosh! 48 channels (alle genau dieselben)
08. pfennig inc. (euro fear – i dont gve a cent bastard!)
09. foo! foo! foo!
10. wonzo’s erster Tag (Recouped zero – so what?!)
11. irgendwann wirds wieder schön
12. – [interlude]
13. genua response (burn lira burn – boycott sunshine, now!)

“Something is wrong with it, for it is right. Ask for your money back.” (Musk 2002)