released on 12″ Vinyl, 2001


A1. Pfennig Inc.
A2. Wonzo’s Erster Tag
B1. Dot Cum
B2. Genua Response

Non-Profit is aimed as much at the feet as the brains, with elements of wrecked furniture, lo-res RnB, electro-smog and Beige’s poignant wit that sleeps in the knife drawer. A long-time fellow of Friedman, Beige is one of Cologne’s most subdued, reclusive and anti-hoity-toity programmers, sharing a mutual interest in reverent retro-futuristic excursions. Don’t try to dance to this, your pelvis will implode! Funny, skeletal, nevertheless totally rocking, this is Spasm Funk of the highest order.

not available anymore