4 track 12″ Vinyl 45rpm
Download from Bandcamp
released,  April 24th 2015


A1 Clock 6:41  VIDEO
A2 Inward Sun Reprise 1:21
B1 Clock Version 7:59
B2 Lovestruck Battlefield 1:35

With “CLOCK” Burnt Friedman and Daniel Dodd-Ellis offer two brand-new, pared-down grooves and 2 short word and sound-poems that place “microscopically detailed textures, deceptively funky-sounding odd meters, and dubby production techniques” (CD Hotlist) alongside the manifest regularity of electronic dance music.

Measuring in at DJ-friendly 125 bpm, the seemingly straightforward grooves turn out to be intertwined with uneven beats: 5 in the case of A1 and B1 ( plays also well on 33rpm ). All four tracks are exclusive to this vinyl edition.

“…the juxtaposition of Dodd-Ellis’ minimalist vocal contributions and Friedmann’s polyrhythmic arrangement gel perfectly, resulting in a track that is complex yet accessible, inviting even.” (Inverted Audio)

“…the spoken words of Daniel Dodd-Ellis, whose contributions are less like song lyrics than like poetry, and less like poetry than word collage. The words come at unexpected intervals and in brief snippets, not always cohering in any obvious way….” (CD Hotlist)

Burnt Friedman – all instruments
Daniel Dodd-Ellis – voice

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