Burnt Friedman “Bokoboko”
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released 3rd February 2012
Vinyl out of print

The uneven types of rhythm, which provide the specific oscillation on which all the tracks are based, in principle obey all the components: melodies, noises, monophone sequences and dub echoes inserted into pre-sketched, programmed basic tracks. The tracks of the current production, like those in Secret Rhythms, Friedman’s live-and-studio project with Jaki Liebezeit, must be viewed as intermediate phases in an on-going process. They are not finalized, completed pieces that permit no further alteration, nor do they correspond to the idea of an original with unmistakable identity. On the contrary: permutability is their salient feature, and they are built according to a plan that follows natural laws.

tracklisting CD

01 Rimuse 2 2:28
02 Uzu 9:25
03 Deku No Bo 3:17
04 Sendou 4:49
05 Totan Yane 3:16
06 Tom Tom Keppo 3:16
07 Mura 4:43
08 Bokoboko 3:50
09 Rimuse 3 5:46
10 Memai 6:24

tracklisting 2×12″

A1 Uzu 9:25
B1 Deku No Bo 3:17
B2 Sendou 4:49
B3 Totan Yane 3:16
C1 Tom Tom Keppo 3:16
C2 Mura 4:43
C3 Bokoboko 3:50
D1 Rimuse 3 4:57
D2 Memai 6:24

Burnt Friedman – pans, drums, organ, Korg Ms20,
sampler, guitars, rubberbox (track 7), monochord
Hayden Chisholm – reeds, tracks 3/4/6/7/8/10
Daniel Schröter – bass guitar, tracks 5/6/7/10
Joseph Suchy – electric guitar, tracks 4/5/9
Takeshi Nishimoto – sarod, tracks 4/8
David Franzke – field recordings, tracks 1/3/6/7/8/9/10

composed and mixed by B.Friedman 2009-2011
mastering by Rashad Becker
original versions of Rimuse (Part1) and Tom Tom Keppo appear
exclusively on 12″ Vinyl entitled Zen´Aku (non31)
cover artwork by Theo Altenberg (O.T.) oil on cardboard 2011