Friedman & Liebezeit “Secret Rhythms 4”
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CD released 15th April 2011

The fourth album release in the Secret Rhythms series by Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit results from a ten-year collaborative project encompassing live performances and studio sessions.
What began as a rehearsal for a concert delivered at Cologne Triennale 2000 turned into a long-term exploration of the laws governing rhythm. Therefore, this fourth CD is based, like its predecessors, on a variety of rhythms seldom heard elsewhere.


01 204-07 (10:44)
02 128-05 (10:21) mix by Mark Ernestus
03 182-11 (15:40)
04 131-07 (05:33)
05 120-11 (04:17)
06 120-05 (10:20) mix by Rashad Becker and Burnt Friedman

“More than ever centered around Liebezeit’s hypnotic drumming, Secret Rhythms 4 sees the pair move into more minimal, stripped down terrains, the rhythmic patterns forever more cyclical, repetitive and fluid, layered with fragments of electronics and guitars, themselves set into loops of varying intensity and length.” (milkfactory)

Liebezeit: “Just one bass drum and two sticks – like in Turkish music, for example – are sufficient to create a great rhythm. The layering of tones, chords, intervals: that’s European thinking, structural musical engineering! It’s too much for me. I like clear structures, music you can look through, with space.”

There are two appearances (tracks 1, 3) by Joseph Suchy, whose unmistakable guitar sound has left its mark on all the Secret Rhythm releases. Rashad Becker has been responsible for mastering all Nonplace titles since the first production in 2000. Friedman and Becker co-mixed track 6 (120-5), a spin-off from “Entsafter” (Secret Rhythms 3), a track whose groove was previously used in “Obscured by 5” and “The Librarian” (Secret Rhythms 1 and 2).

guest musicians
Joseph Suchy – E-Fuzz guitar on track 1 and 3
Tim Motzer – E-Fuzz guitar on track 6
Hayden Chisholm – Flute and Saxophone on track 5
Daniel Schroeter – Bass guitar on track 1