Friedman & Liebezeit “Secret Rhythms 3”
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released on CD/LP, September 2008
LP out of print

“But at their peak, the duo’s rhythms interlock in a deft precision that eerily recalls Can masterworks. One of this year’s best surprises.” (XLR8R, US)
“The album, their most muscular so far, is a study in music as movement.” (THE WIRE, UK)

Tracklisting CD

1 Morning Has Broken (9:00)
2 Gegenwart (9:42)
3 Trittbrettfahrer (5:45)
4 Die Ehrliche Haut (6:30)
5 Entsafter (8:04)
6 Wirklich Version (4:03)
7 Sandale (4:33)

(CD tracks 1 and 5 appeared on EP vinyl as extended versions, non24)

Tracklisting LP

A1 Gegenwart 9:43
A2 Trittbrettfahrer 5:47
B1 Die Ehrliche Haut 6:30
B2 Wirklich Version 4:03
B3 Sandale 3:47

Jaki Liebezeit: “This music possibly incorporated many elements of this earth without featuring any specific elements. The individual elements have been made abstract, no ethnic or national character remains, there’s nothing typical to Seville or Istanbul, but the properties held in common by all types of music have been abstracted and processed.”

interview with Jaki Liebezeit, Mutek, Montreal 2009

Guest Musicians

Hayden Chisholm (reeds) has been an integral part of Friedman’s studio productions since 2004. He has meanwhile embarked on his own path as composer and director of The Embassadors.

Following a concert they gave together, Tim Motzer (electric and acoustic guitar) joined Friedman and Liebezeit in the studio and crucially influenced 3 album titles (CD tracks 1,3,5). Motzer already appeared on Secret Rhythms 2 (non19).

In addition, Joseph Suchy again plays a major part as his extreme sounds, which seldom recall the guitar, move through the interspaces of the individual instruments, knowingly fusing the rough elements of the music with the fine details of the ambient textures within the music.