released on CD only, 2002/ From exactly sunset each evening Domenico would improvise piano pieces blindfolded, the recordings on Shaker Road taken from sessions stretching through the period of sunset June 1 (full moon) until June 28 (full moon). To all intents and purposes blind, De Clario seems to become a medium. The notes flow, and just as soft rain produces a soothing, enveloping noise, the gently textured piano sound drifts into an increasingly meditative state.


1-7 Excerpts from the performance

Domenico De Clario was born 1947 in Trieste, Italy. He is currently the Head of the School of Visual Arts in Perth, Western Australia. Over the past few years, he has staged a number of “blind” piano concerts in such venues as a skyscraper roof in Bangkok or on the steps leasing up to the cathedral in Salvador De Bahia, Brazil. All the events were scheduled to coincide with the full moon or summer or winter solstices.

“Painfully beautiful, stark and lingering like a swan song to a more simple life, becoming increasingly disconnected from the world around it. Simply enchanting.” (Slug Magazine, US 2002)