Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman
4 tracks–EP
June 19th 2020

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Track Listing

A1 YEK 127–17 5:36
A2 YEK 166–3 5:54
B1 YEK 134–17 5:21
B2 YEK 128–5 5:38

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (Tombak) & Burnt Friedman (electronics, synth.) release their second EP “YEK 2”.
Equipped with one drum only and laser-pattern–electronics, Mortazavi and Friedman produce delicate, yet archaic, trance–inducing, transnational dance music with“…hints of dust and grain… “. (Freq)

Mortazavi and Friedman move hands and faders according to odd cyclical rhythms with incredible accuracy. The extreme dynamic range and rhythmic congruency of drum and electronics merge both, Mortazavi`s and Friedman’s repertoire entirely.
Complete in [YEK], resisting cultural notions of folklore and territory.