September 09 – The Embassadors Preview

Listen to samples of the upcoming album COPITC DUB by The Embassadors.

(…) The album was recorded in a state of super-concentration. I only allowed myself and the musicians one shot at each take, meaning we had to have a heightened awareness before recording. This could be a throw back from being involved in enough productions in which musicians are given too many chances and cut to play like they never could in reality; or it could be that deep down, I believe that if the mindset is right the first take will always be the best.

All of the pieces on this album shared a long genesis. They were worked on in the course of several studio sessions in New York and Germany in the last few years. After I had finished recording all the instruments I left the final steps in the arrangements and mix entirely over to Burnt Friedman who took them all to new shores, sometimes beyond my own recognition- I expected nothing less. It´s easy to fall when there´s no landing.

The Heaps Dub production of Root70 was a drastic turn away from the jazz we had played until then and with the Embassadors I wanted to continue this exploration. To those who were wondering why I had left the sacred jazz isle I asked: Why must we constantly change the groove and feel when everything around us is changing anyway? Why must the horns always build lead voices and solos instead of blending inside the textures? Why the angst of bare simplicity? Why the melodic and rhythmic superabundance at the expense of consistent accuracy?

Hayden Chisholm