Extensive Friedman Interview

in The Arts Desk, March 2014

Complete Interview

Burnt Friedman: I think that the “reason” for this Sub Sahara tour, whether conscious to the organisers or not, is the material I carry, the music itself. The rhythm language that I use originates from a partner of mine, Jaki Liebezeit. It’s a kind of motion formula, a wave form if you like, but it’s more than that. It also gives one a hint to how to move in a properly balanced way. Since this is frequency – energy in motion – it requires left and right or plus and minus, up and down, etc. It’s not something that could be memorised or played back easily by listening to it, it needs to be felt. Each stroke is felt as it results from a natural movement. With those physical components in mind – I’d say they they’re the same anywhere in the universe – I think, why not put this system to test elsewhere, at least on the globe, instead of exporting or negotiating styles that come and go with the latest fashion? So I gladly excepted the invitation.

Conducted by Joe Muggs ( The Arts Desk, March 2014 )