10th Anniversary CD only Edition

Nonplace celebrates ten years of labeldom. Ever since Burnt Friedman shortened his pseudonym Nonplace Urban Field to Nonplace back in 2000, the title has provided an ideal formula for music that soars upward with no intention of being pinned down.

Contributions come from Flanger, The Embassadors, Root 70, Friedman & Liebezeit, Prof Psygrooves, Joseph Suchy, Friedman, Rashad Becker and Mark Ernestus. Listen!

(…)”While in no way exhaustive (where are the Nu Dub Players for instance?), this celebratory collection provides a good insight into the Nonplace aesthetic. Jazz and dub are found here in abundance and reflect the trends that have been at the core of the label’s output in the last ten years. By opting for remixes, instead of simply line-up existing tracks, it is as if Friedman was reaffirming his commitment to both genres as driving forces behind his overall work.”