6-track Vinyl only release, December 31st 2017

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Record review for Resident Advisor

1  2011 Monkhide
2  2010 The Pestle
3  1999 Nerfs D´Acier
1  1996 Intrication
2  1994 Sorcier
3  1993 Day In Rho

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“The sweetness of these tracks is a welcome contrast to Friedman’s sterner later productions, but in other respects they aren’t so different. Just as his recent music uses unconventional rhythms to escape Western tradition, these tracks, like much ’90s electronica, use the momentum of rave culture to break free of conventional forms. In both cases, the goal is to escape the familiar—and Friedman is one of the most gifted escape artists out there.” ( Angus Finlayson )